Professional FPGA boards and RF modules Design, Testing and Contract manufacturing


About us


Since 2009, ALMAZ-SP JSC has been designing, manufacturing and providing integration and technical support of hardware boards and system solutions based on FPGAs and RF ICs for Wireless and Wire-line Telecommunications. As a result, the company acquired experience in leading-edge FPGA technology contributing to field programmable gate space which is heating up driven by everything from emerging network, IoT, cloud and data center application acceleration trends.

ALMAZ-SP JSC is 100% private company and employs 60 people, and is based in Russia with main office in Moscow, with annual turnover is above 15M$.

  • RF and FPGA systems design, testing, manufacturing and support for Russian wireless telecommunications market (telecommunications repeater, two way radio: 400 MHz up to 6 Mb/s TDM and Ethernet, 4-38MHz with 78-155 Mb/s, TDM and Ethernet.
  • ALMZ-02 Network Appliance Smart NICs Family: 2-4 ports 10GbE network appliance Smart NIC is a high end programmable network adapter that offers full TCP, DPI, security, and compression/decompression acceleration. ALMZ-02 Network Appliance Smart NIC is targeted for use in a wide variety of Telecom networking, security, and storage appliances.



Our second-generation 10G adapter family enables data centers to rapidly deploy high-performance SDN applications for both installed and new infrastructure while clearly enhancing server utilization, response times and network agility. This product family, in a standard, server-compliant half-height PCI Express form factor, provides a proven, high-performance, general-purpose programmable adapter platform that enables cloud service providers to offload any functionality in the data center.

  • 2*10G SFP+ Telecom SMART-NIC Adapter
  • 4*10G SFP+ Telecom SMART-NIC Adapter
  • 2*40G QSFP28 Telecom SMART-NIC Adapter

Key Features of ALMZ-02 generation:

  • Full OVS offload as well as VXLAN/NVGRE/GENEVE offload, Open Flow, IPsec/SSL offload, QoS, and metering.
  • Includes 10GbE adapters with SFP+ or QSFP28 optical or direct attach copper (DAC) connections that provide the best-in-class performance and key features for telecom industries, hyperscale, telco, and enterprise/private data centers.



System-on-Module (SoM) design  for Embedded Applications

  • System on Modules (SoM) based on high performance processor or FPGA which is flexible and versatile hardware platform for broad range of applications, significantly shorten design time cycle, reducing design risks and as a result helping launching new product into the market more rapidly.
  • The SoM board contains complete and comprehensive hardware support of the processor or FPGA. Hardware developers simply don't need to do complicated tasks in developing new product or application.
  • SoM allows to reduce design and economics risks in developing process and launching new processor based product. SoM brings flexibility in design and simplifies the whole system developing and prototyping.
  • System-on-module which based on technology cutting-edge high performance processors ARM+DSP, FPGA or FPGA+ARM combining with hardware graphic accelerations modules and rich of communications interfaces - highly effective for applications which require multimedia capability or real time signal processing.

SoM board